On Christianity

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As to the Law a Pharisee: Paul’s roots in Rabbinic JudaismPaper presented to the Society of Biblical Literature, New Orleans, LA. Nostra Aetate Paul And The Parting Of the WaysJewish Heritage (1959), 1(4), 23-28 Who Crucified Jesus?Jewish Heritage (1958), 1(3), 11-16, 47

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On Modern Judaism

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An Image of a Jewish TomorrowAddress delivered at the Union of American Hebrew Congregations Biennial Convention, Los Angeles, CA (1971) Biblical Foundations of Religious PluralismPaper presented at at a conference of the Texas Conference of Churches, the American Jewish Committee and the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission, Dallas, TX (1982) Blacks and Jews in Historic…

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On Ancient Judaism

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Ben Sirah – The Bridge Between The Aarionide and Pharisaic RevolutionsA reprint from Eretz-Israel, Volume Twelve, 1975 Ben Sira and the Non-Existence of the Synagogue1969 Ben Sirah History of the JewsIn The new international encyclopedia (1964). New York: Scribner’s Judaism, A Religion of City Dwellers The Internal CityPaper presented at the Conference of Scholars at…

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