A Collection of Dr. Rivkin’s Written Works

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Rivkins Articles

Lessons From The Past: Mutation As A Mode Of Jewish Survival Unpublished Manuscript
The Age of Permanent Revolution
Dimensions of American Judaism (1969), 3(2), 8-15, 51-60.
The Diaspora: Its Historical Significance
Offprint from Studies of the Leo Baeck Institute 1967
To Heal a Wounded Time: Triumph of the Good and Holy
The Monthly Review of Christian Thought, September 1976, 36-50

Confronting the Sources: The Intertestamental Period
Paper presented at the American Academy of Religion, Atlanta, GA (1986)

Beth Din, Boule, Sanhedrin: A Tragedy of Errors
Hebrew Union College Annual (1975), 46, 181-199
Defining The Pharisees: The Tannaitic Sources
Hebrew Union College Annual (1970), 40-41, 205-249
Pharisaism and the Crisis of Individual in the Greco-Roman World.
Paper presented at a meeting of the American Historical Association, New York, NY. (1966). Jewish Quarterly Review (1970), 61(1), 27-53
Scribes, Pharisees, Lawyers, Hypocrites: A Study in Synonymity
Hebrew Union College Annual (1978), 49, 135-142

Ben Sirah - The Bridge Between The Aarionide and Pharisaic Revolutions
A reprint from Eretz-Israel, Volume Twelve, 1975

Ben Sira and the Non-Existence of the Synagogue

Ben Sirah

History of the Jews
In The new international encyclopedia (1964). New York: Scribner's

Judaism, A Religion of City Dwellers The Internal City
Paper presented at the Conference of Scholars at the Weil Institute, Cincinnati, OH (1963)

Judaism's Historical Response To Economic Social And Political Systems

The Meaning of Messiah in Jewish Thought
Paper presented at the Evangelical Christian-Jewish Conference, New York, NY (1975). In M.H. Tannenbaum, M.R. Wilson and A.J. Rudin (Eds.), Evangelicals and Jews in conversation on scripture, theology and history (pp. 54-75). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker (1978)

Some Historical Aspects of Authority In Judaism
Yearbook of the Central Conference of American Rabbis (1951), 61, 3-15

The Story of Korah's Rebellion: Key to the Formation of the Pentateuch
Society of Biblical Literature 1988 Seminar Papers (pp. 574-581). Atlanta: Scholars Press.

The Uniqueness Of Jewish History
Yearbook of the Central Conference of Scholoars at the Weil Institute, Cincinnati, OH (1963)

An Image of a Jewish Tomorrow
Address delivered at the Union of American Hebrew Congregations Biennial Convention, Los Angeles, CA (1971)

Biblical Foundations of Religious Pluralism
Paper presented at at a conference of the Texas Conference of Churches, the American Jewish Committee and the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission, Dallas, TX (1982)

Blacks and Jews in Historic Interaction: The Biblical-African Experience
Paper presented at a Black-Jewish Dialogue Sponsored by The American Jewish Committee Nashville, Tennessee (1975)

Building A Biblical Foundation for Contemporary Ethics
In R.J. Hoffman and G.A. Larue (Eds.), Biblical v. secular ethics - The conflict (pp. 99-105). Buffalo, NY: Prometheus

Capitalism and Jewish Destiny
POINTER, Vol. X, No. 1, Winter 1974

The Crisis of Identity in the Dynamics of Jewish Life
Paper presented at the 49th Annual Conference of the National Council of Jewish Education, Baltimore, MD (1975); Published in Jewish Education (1976), 45(1), 4-16, 31.

The Jew in American Society
in The Central Conference of American Rabbis Yearbook, vol LXXVII, 1967.

The Uniqueness of the American Jewish Experience
in Jews in a Free Society: Challenges and Opportunities, ed. Edward A. Goldman, Hebrew Union College Press, 1978.

A Decisive Pattern in American Jewish History
Offprint from Essays in American Jewish History, To Commemorate the Tenth Anniversary of the Founding of the American Jewish Archives under the direction of Jacob Ruder Marcus. Cincinnati. 1958.

As to the Law a Pharisee: Paul's roots in Rabbinic Judaism
Paper presented to the Society of Biblical Literature, New Orleans, LA.

Nostra Aetate

Paul And The Parting Of the Ways
Jewish Heritage (1959), 1(4), 23-28

Who Crucified Jesus?
Jewish Heritage (1958), 1(3), 11-16, 47

Judaism and the Rise of Christianity
Robert M. Seltzer and Jack Bemporad

Ellis Rivkin and the Problems of Pharisaic History: A Study in Historiography
David Ellenson
Journal of the American Academy of Religion, Vol. 43, No. 4. (Dec., 1975), pp. 787-802